Kao la Amani Kindergarten


We have a policy that no child will be denied an education owing to inability to pay. At Tír na nÓg/Kao la Amani we truly believe that education will lead these children out of the darkness and further away from the poverty trap.


We decided to open a kindergarten to cater to our own young children and the children of the local community. In 2008, Kao la Amani Kindergarten started out with just our own 10 children and today we cater for approx. 60 children. From Monday to Friday two classrooms are full of smiling children and one can hear their voices repeating English phrases and singing nursery rhymes, etc. across the building. The children attending our kindergarten are guaranteed one hot meal each day.

The kindergarten and orphanage currently share the same site and is staffed by 7 people in addition to Monica & Pastor Tukai. The staff include a director, social worker, 2 carers who also work as teachers, a cook, a driver and a cleaner. Originally, we had hoped that the kindergarten would generate enough income to cover the day to day running of the home but this is not the case. The income generated does not stretch to paying our staff and providing the hot meals for the children.

In June 2012 a new dala dala (minibus) was purchased for the transporting of the children to and from school and other activities (these children would otherwise never be afforded the opportunity to attend school due to distance and danger). Thanks to Pat Hayes, Mayor of Waterford at the time, for nominating Tír na nÓg Orphanage as a beneficiary of his Mayor's Charity Ball.   

We must move our kindergarten to the primary school site as sharing the kindergarten and orphanage on the same site is no longer acceptable. Therefore, we are aiming to build 2 kindergarten classrooms along with the completion of our primary school.